The project involved designing, developing, and delivering thousands of newsletters monthly for GLP Global. This included creating visually appealing templates and implementing a streamlined system for scheduling and distributing the newsletters to a large subscriber base. The project required close collaboration with communications team to ensure the newsletters met the company’s branding and messaging goals, as well as careful attention to detail to ensure timely delivery and high-quality output.

In addition to the design and development aspects of the project, there was a significant focus on optimizing the newsletter to improve engagement and deliverability to all email providers and in different devices.

Throughout the project, there was a strong emphasis on continuously gathering feedback and incorporating it into the newsletter design and content. This included regular discussions with the communications team of GLP global.

I helped to ensure that everyone was on the same page and that any issues or concerns could be addressed in a timely manner. This was particularly important when working with a large volume of newsletters and a tight deadline.

Despite the challenges of working across different time zones and languages on three different continents, the campaigns were always successful, and the results were great. I was able to overcome the obstacles of working remotely and across different cultures — working efficiently to meet tight deadlines and deliver thousands of newsletters each month.


GLP Global / SPRK Media Group


Newsletter, Graphic Design, UI Design

The complete content of the newsletters is undisclosed, below you’ll find a few graphics used as the headers of the newsletters.